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    After seeing 3 orthopedic doctors last year and telling all of them of my symptoms and getting nowhere, I was finally able to get the last one to order an MRI of my lower back. He never discussed the results with me but just wanted to give me a steroid shot. I took the MRI to Dr. Wang and described my symptoms. He suggested an MRI and x-rays of my hip before going any further with my back problem. Bingo! Finally got an answer -- torn cartilage in my right hip and a good-sized cyst. He said I needed an orthopedic surgeon. I went to one and he said he could repair the tear, but recommended a hip replacement as the arthritis is severe. He did say at least 3 times that Dr. Wang really did me a favor. I agree. Thanks to Dr. Wang really listening to my symptoms and getting the MRI of my hip, I now know what the big problem is and what my options are. Dr. Wang is awesome!
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